Q&A with Hanna Grobler: Race Ambassador of the week

Hanna Grobler_blog image

You have said in the past that the communities embrace and spontaneously bond when they prepare for races such as the SPAR Women’s Challenge. Tell us about your long journey with the SPAR Women’s Challenge and why you keep being involved with the race year after year.

The women in our communities keep themselves on the go from race to race! It is a huge highlight on their calendar and something they look forward to every year. They walk in groups to motivate each other and build team spirit. The exercise makes them feel good and look good whilst also improving their health. This is what we strive for at Hanna Charity, and the SPAR Women’s Challenge helps us to achieve our goals.

The theme of this year’s SPAR Women’s Challenge race is #YesIAm. Drawing from your personal life - what does this mean to you?

#YesIAm able to fulfil many roles: I am a mother, an actress and run the SPAR Women’s Challenge! Yes, I am still heavily involved with our community projects. We deal with many challenges, even though it may sometimes look impossible! Yes, I am doing the impossible!

Although you are well-known for, amongst others, your acting career on stage, tv and film, roles in music videos and being a drama teacher, your real calling and passion is charity.  You established the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation to support and empower poor and underprivileged communities. What advice can you give to women to be just who they are and be who they aspire to be?

Never feel as if you only have one role to fulfil in life. Life has many seasons – you can take on as many things as you wish. Sometimes you need to focus on only one thing for a certain period. When the time is ready, you can pick up where you had to put the other passions aside. You can always do more than what you think you are capable of doing.

Who in your life has inspired you to say ‘Yes I Am’ - thus to be authentically you?

My parents always encouraged us to be ourselves – 100%. A life partner who can help you to be your true self, is always a blessing!

Why is it  important for us to enable others to say: ‘Yes I Am’? Is this something that you do in your everyday life?

In a society where social media constantly defines who we are supposed to be, I want to emphasise that it is important that we encourage each other to say YES, I AM 100% me and proud of who I am. Yes, I am proudly unique and I am in a class of my own!

Will you attend race day on 3 August?

I am going to try my best! I can’t wait to see the smiles on our participants’ faces when they finish the race!

Kindly give us some reasons/motivations to inspire people to join in on race day.

You are part of a joint effort to make a difference in the lives of others. You can challenge yourself and push yourself to levels you never dreamt of attaining. You can also share in the great vibe and festivities with others that say YES, I AM and YES, YOU ARE AMAZING!