Q&A with Willem Botha: Race Ambassador of the week

Willem Botha shares his take on #YesIam, the 2019 race theme, and his experience of the SPAR Women’s Challenge Tshwane, as a long time race ambassador.

Willem Botha_blog image

Tell us about your journey with the SPAR Women’s Challenge and how you got involved with the race?

It has been such a long journey that I can’t even remember how I got involved in the first place! I know I performed at the race one year and bonded immediately with the wonderful people at SPAR. From then on, I embedded myself and my involvement snowballed. Now they’re stuck with me!

The theme of this year’s SPAR Women’s Challenge race is #YesIAm. Drawing from your personal life - what does this mean to you?

There is so much pressure on us to ‘fit’ in with the crowd. Social media has also put us in a pressure-cooker of comparisons, but we need to know that we are enough! Each of us is special in our own way. I am enough.

You began your studies in drama when your life suddenly made a U-turn, setting the stage alight with your singing and garnering awards by the dozen. You also blossomed as actor and tv presenter and did not hesitate to take chances to make things ‘happen’ in your life. What advice can you give to women to be just who they are and be who they aspire to be?

Sometimes one trips up your own dreams, thinking that they are too big, too unattainable. I decided that I will dream big and work hard to realise them. With every business venture I took on, I consulted the experts or taught myself through YouTube. If you actively visualise your dream and set your mind to attain it, it WILL happen.

Who in your life has inspired you to say ‘Yes I Am’ - thus to be authentically you?

My parents play a massive role in my life. They taught me tenacity – to take ownership of your dream and bring it to fruition. Since I joined Kwêla as one of their presenters, I realised that the heroes in life aren’t always the celebs and big business names. Sometimes ordinary people are the most unsung heroes, doing extraordinary things. We have a beautiful country with awesome people – it inspires me to be more and do more!

Why is it important for us to enable others to say: ‘Yes I Am’? Is this something that you do in your everyday life?

I perform at many schools and it gives me numerous opportunities to inspire the younger generation to be agents of love. You are already a winner in life if you respect and love yourself and others. Money and looks do not impress me – to be NICE is the new COOL!

Will you attend race day on 3 August?

I won’t miss it for the world! The race is a highlight on my personal calendar – from the launch to the word “go”!

Kindly give us some reasons/motivations to inspire people to join in on race day.

It is a fun-filled day where we celebrate life and each other! It’s a big “jol” from beginning to end and I can’t wait for the big day!