Q & A with Thabiso Thambule: Race Ambassador of the week

Thabiso Khambule_blog image

You are a serious competitor and love working out. Tell us about your journey with the SPAR Women’s Challenge and how you got involved with the race?

Quite correct – I love working out. I am an active brand ambassador for the SPAR Women’s Challenge. On race day I will walk the 5km race and participate in all the activities associated with being a brand ambassador.

The theme of this year’s SPAR Women’s Challenge race is #YesIAm. Drawing from your personal life - what does this mean to you?

#YesIAm God’s child and love Jesus Christ whole-heartedly. I’m a radio presenter on the country’s biggest commercial radio station, Jacaranda FM. I’m a DJ, I’m an MC and I’m an entrepreneur.

You are one of our favourite and most fun-filled radio personalities at Jacaranda FM. As a small boy you always dreamt of a career in radio - recording and editing your own voice reports. You followed your dream doggedly to be where you are today. What advice can you give to women to be just who they are and be who they aspire to be?

Exactly that, show tenacity and unwavering persistence in all you do. If you believe that you have a calling for something and it’s your purpose, go for it and do not give up until you get it. Throw “no’s” away and allow them to be your stepping-stones to try even harder. Don’t ever give up!

Who in your life has inspired you to say ‘Yes I Am’ - thus to be authentically you?

My dad. Growing up, I never saw him give up on anything. He always did the best he could to make a living and provide for his family. This laid the foundation for my “get up and go” attitude toward life, and so I became the chaser of my dreams and career.

Why is it important for us to enable others to say: ‘Yes I Am’? Is this something that you do in your everyday life?

I believe in motivating others to become who and what they want to be. If they don’t become that, they are not only robbing themselves from their dreams and aspirations, but they are robbing those around them of experiencing their talent and possibly drawing from it.

Will you attend race day on 3 August?

Of course, I will be attending the race day!

Kindly give us some reasons/motivations to inspire people to join in on race day.

Not only are we empowering women on this day, we are also installing a non-bias system that men and women are equal. Women do many things in their stride and never get recognition for it. Women are worthy and we commend them for what they do for society. It’s time we put women on a platform and a place they deserve to be. Women are our equals and we respect and admire them.