Q&A with Charné Bosman: Race Ambassador of the week

Charné Bosman has been a race ambassador and passionate supporter of the SPAR Women’s Challenge Tshwane for many years. We were excited to catch up with this 2016 Comrades Marathon winner to talk about what inspires her as an athlete.

Charne Bosman_blog image

Tell us about your journey with the SPAR Women’s Challenge and how you got involved with the race?

The SPAR Women’s Challenge and I go way back to the very first race that was held in Pretoria in 1997. I won that race in 35 minutes. To date, I missed out on only two races.

The theme of this year’s SPAR Women’s Challenge race is #YesIAm. Drawing from your personal life - what does this mean to you? What drives you as an athlete?

I have come to appreciate the truth in the saying “age is just a number”. I will be 44 years old in November and I am still running in the same races when I was half my age! I don’t view my age as a hindrance or something that should be “overcome”. I look after my health and try to do all the right things. My drive comes from within – I  am an athlete and it is such a privilege to wake up each morning doing what I love best!

You are a well-loved and legendary long-distance runner, earning five gold medals in the Comrades Marathon, including your spectacular win in 2016. You are extremely passionate about your sport and committed to the upliftment of female runners and athletes in South Africa. What advice can you give to women to be just who they are and be who they aspire to be?

I live my life on the premise that everything I want to achieve is within my reach. I want to tell women that nobody can take your dream away and that you must never let go of something so precious to you. Secondly, staying positive when the odds are stacked against you, is so important. Sometimes it is just easier to say that something was not meant to be: re-evaluate and find other ways to realise your dreams!

Who in your life has inspired you to say ‘Yes I Am’ - thus to be authentically you?

My mom is my source of inspiration. After my father passed on in 2013, she worked through her pain by exercising and walking. Not only did she lose weight, but she looks more vibrant and beautiful at the age of 65!

Why is it important for us to enable others to say: ‘Yes I Am’? Is this something that you do in your everyday life?

Yes, I do it meticulously every day. There is something great in all of us, but sometimes we must help others to undercover it in themselves. Our uniqueness allows us to make a difference in the lives of our other fellow human beings. Don’t forget to say: #YesIAm someone that can make a difference!

Will you attend race day on 3 August?

You can bet on it!

Kindly give us some reasons/motivations to inspire people to join in on race day.

The race is one of the largest 10km races in the country and the most enjoyable SPAR Women’s challenge by far in South Africa! People will love the entertainment throughout the day and of course, there are many prizes to be won!