Running with a winning attitude

Charné Bosman from Pretoria won the Comrades “down run” from Pietermaritzburg to Durban in 2016. At 42 years of age Charné is an expert when it comes to competitive Comrades racing. “Running has become a way of life for me. When I run, I am truly free. On the road is where I find solutions to personal problems and get new perspectives. Running also energises me. It is hard to imagine a life in which I won’t be running,” Charné explains.

Charné has been involved with the Spar Women’s Challenge (Pretoria leg) since the first race was held in 1996. Her first win of this race was in 1997. She says, “This race is on my calendar every year, and I have missed it only three times since 1996. I saw the women’s race grow from just under 700 participants in that first year to 25 000 entries currently. The SPAR organisers really go all out to make this race special for all the participants. It is also worthy to mention that the Pretoria leg is also the only race in the SPAR Women’s Challenge series that commences at 14:00 in the afternoon to accommodate everyone!”

Charné says that ‘FindYourWingz’ means to work with the curve balls life can throw at you. “Sometimes you will be so well-prepared for a race but then things will not go your way. It is not always about winning, but how you overcome disappointments and move forward in life. Never give up when things don’t go your way – you need situations like this to succeed in life and become a better person.” She attributes her successes to careful planning and sticking to those plans.

“She ‘found her wingz’ and inspiration through Nedbank running club who assisted and supported her since her first Comrades in 2014.
She emphasises that she always strives to be positive and delete negative thoughts from her mind.

Charné is emphatic in her belief that it is important to help others find their wings. “I am a full-time athlete and so many younger athletes look up to me. It is important to be a mentor to them. They must know that it is not just winning every race that makes you a good athlete, but how you overcome setbacks and come back stronger than before that defines you as a good athlete and person,” she says.

Charné will definitely compete in the women’s race and she is looking forward to interact with the participants on race day. She says that she loves the way in which the organisers go out of their way to make it special for everyone on race day. She calls upon friends and family to run or walk the race, enjoy the day and ‘find their wingz’ by embracing the spirit of the race.