Hanna Grobler encourages participation in the SPAR Women’s Challenge 2018

Hanna Grobler is a distinguished actress and philanthropist. Having acted for more than a decade, she became a household name in her role as Kiki Beltrame in the Afrikaans drama series, Getroud met Rugby. She also acted in several blockbuster feature films including Platteland, As Jy Sing, Somer Son and Konfetti. As the founder of the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation, which is a beneficiary of Spar Women’s Race Pretoria, she epitomises the theme of this year’s race ‘Find Your Wingz’. Hanna encourages people to participate in the race due to the tremendous support the race channels to poor communities.

She comments, “The SPAR Women’s Challenge Pretoria is an annual highlight which we take very seriously – in a fun way! The poorest of the poor in our communities practice for this race throughout the year. The race makes them feel motivated, appreciated, acknowledged, valued and respected. We believe in the potential of people living in poverty. The SPAR Women’s Challenge inspires them to achieve so much more as what they thought they were capable of doing.” She adds that the sense of belonging they felt as a team, aided them in attaining other life goals. “They escape from their terrible circumstances for one day and enjoy being part of the very kind and caring SPAR family!”

Hanna commented that ‘Find Your Wingz’ meant finding and embracing whatever moves and motivates you. She further added that the theme meant “to challenge yourself to accomplish something great, set yourself free from whatever obstacles hinder you on a daily basis and fulfil your potential.”

Hanna is emphatic about her support for the race and encourages all to participate. “The SPAR Women’s Challenge always exudes fun and excitement. By challenging yourself, exercising side by side with your friends and engaging with others, you can also make a difference in many people’s lives that are really struggling and need your support.”