Plus Size Ladies Can #FindTheirWingz with Special SPAR Women’s Challenge T-Shirts

The official 2018 SPAR Women’s Challenge t-shirt colour is a bright, fresh teal – and this year, plus sized ladies won’t be left out. The Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge has teamed up with Plus-Fab to provide uniquely designed race t-shirts in larger sizes.

Race participants always receive a race t-shirt in a one-size-fits-all size with their race entry. At race registration in the days leading up to the race, ladies have always been welcome to pop in and exchange their shirt for a smaller size if necessary but larger sizes have not been previously available. Ouma Tema, Plus-Fab’s founder, has designed a special, stylish official race shirt in a range of larger sizes.

Ouma Tema has always loved fashion but hated shopping. Frustrated by not being able to find stylish clothing that fitted her, she started making her own. It wasn’t long before the attention that her clothes attracted led her to found Plus-Fab, a plus-size fashion firm that offers on-trend and stylish clothing to plus-size women. “It started when I struggled to find clothes that fit me – stylish, trendy beautiful clothes – not just what was available in my size. The clothes available in sizes that fitted were not really fashionable,” Ouma says. “I did not agree with the narrative that big girls don’t have a space in the fashion business and I wanted to become the change that I wanted to see.”

Today Plus-Fab has its own fully fledged factory and supplies stores across the country, including The Space and major online retailers such as Spree. Ouma credits her success to the fact that fashion and wearing beautiful clothes can play a vital role in helping a woman find her wings. “My mother used to say that how you feel is how you dress so it’s very important to be aware of that. I knew with absolute certainty that I was not unhappy within myself and that I didn’t feel sad about my body – it was not being able to express who I was through fashion – something I loved so much – that was making me unhappy. Clothes really give a person confidence. When you look amazing, you feel amazing and you feel that you can take on the world. Finding your wings is part of just living your best life and looking and feeling amazing can make a huge contribution to that.”

Ouma says that to #FindYourWingz is also about following your dreams. “You have to be able to go out to achieve all your dreams because wings can really take you places. The only thing you have to do is let them spread and allow them to guide you to being who you truly are.”

Ouma has had a long standing relationship with the SPAR Women’s Challenge that led to her becoming a 2018 race ambassador. “I met the race organiser from SPAR about five years ago bringing in some of my clients who wanted to enter the race as corporate groups. Everyone from SPAR that I have interacted with over the years has seen my journey from the foundation of my business and up. We have walked a long road together and our relationship has come full circle now as I have the amazing opportunity to represent the race as an ambassador. I am so excited and grateful to be part of this amazing movement that is the SPAR Women’s Challenge that unites and celebrates women.”

To celebrate the plus-size ladies who will be taking part in this year’s Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge race, Ouma is not just replicating the official race t-shirt in larger sizes. Instead, she has designed a custom shirt made to flatter and fit fuller figures and to make sure that these ladies will find their wingz by feeling beautiful and confident on race day.