Race Ambassador of the Week - Donnalee Roberts

Actress and SPAR Women’s Challenge Brand Ambassador, Donnalee Roberts is passionate about changing the world through stories that have the ability to resonate within each of us. The message of her latest film, Stroomop and the 2018 race theme #FindYourWingz are closely linked and are proof of the power that the right message can have.

“I love that the SPAR women’s Challenge finds wonderfully unique themes each year. Each one as powerful and as important as the previous one – dynamic, honest and filled with surprises, the unpredictable, vulnerability, purity and bravery – something that each woman has inside her. It is the heart of the race, to celebrate each other and to champion each other on this journey called life, is the reason why I take part year after year. Stroomop is about five very unique women who embark on an adventure that forces them to find inner strength, find self-acceptance, find their voice and find their wings. I am so overwhelmed and grateful to be part of this amazing beautiful race. To join all these women who are brave enough to swim upstream (stroomop), to find my wings, and to help others find theirs so we can fly together, stronger.

Once we have each found our wings, we can help our fellow women find theirs too. Go ahead pay that compliment. A compliment is born to be given, so give it compassionately and mean it. See the people around you, instead of merely noticing them in passing. To make someone feel worthy, beautiful and appreciated, to give them your time and to truly listen to the answer when you ask how they are doing, are some of the most precious gifts you can give!”

“I am so overwhelmed and grateful to be joining all these women, to find my wings, and to help others find theirs so we can fly together, stronger.”